Special Offers

What They Say:

"was as always well prepared and very professional, giving me great directions on posing."(Petra)

"he was really good to work with, very prepared and knew his stuff. I'd 100% reccommend him, an 100% like to work with him again"(Siobhan)

"really made me feel comfortable and we had a really fun shoot :-) the pics look great too! (Emma)

"Worked with fab today! Fantastic photographer! Absolute pleasure to work with.
Darren Dean"

"A big thank you to Fab, for organising such a fun day (always is!) very hospitable at his great studio, produced some of my best work to date.So a big thumbs up Fab. Thanks mate.(Maddox)

"What a brilliant inspired photographer, Lots of Ideas running round, was kept busy from 9 right through till 5. An absolute pleasure to work with as always" (Nanette)